Lynn Bradshaw

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Self-Published Novels looking for readers and publishers

 Bishops Abbey Series In the small village of Bishops Abbey a thief abounds disturbing the peace and quiet. A gently cozy mystery. Paperback available from coming to Amazon by the end of July.
Freedom Gained cover  Freedom Gained is the story of Stūra māja which means "Building on the Corner," and refers to the Riga HQ of the KGB, which was a corner building. In this once residential building ciitzen are interrogated, tortured and carted away to prison.  Some survived. Some never got out alive. Everyone lived in its shadow. This is their story.  E-book available from Amazon. Paperback in preparation.

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The Weaver of Words (Working Title)

Not even the StB, local version of the notorious KGB or Cheka, could tap every phone, watch every building and follow every citizen. Every now and then a critic slipped under the net. This is the story of one such woman, her political awakening and the price she was prepared to pay in Communist Era Czechoslovakia. Coming soon.

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