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One of the great advantages of the rise of ebooks and ereaders is that it is now possible for anyone who is willing to persevere with writing a book to publish and find a platform. I have taken advantage of the opportunities afforded by both Amazon and Blurb to present two novels to the reading public.I hope in the future to present more.


Riga Novel Buy from Amazon
Freedom Gained - Lynn Bradshaw

This novel straddles the period from 1968 to 2015 and is set in Riga, Latvia. It follows the fortunes of Tomass Aboltins, a member of the Latvian resistance to Soviet occupation, and his daughter, a Latvian-American lecturer. The opening of the KGB headquarters, Stura Maja, in Riga as part of the celebrations for the City of Culture Year brings Tomass and his daughter together to bridge the gap brought about by Tomass's actions in 1968.

It is the story of one family's experience and struggle during those traumatic years 1968 to 1991, when Latvia regained control of it's territory. It is the story of endurance and shared history.


Cozy Novel

 Available from Blurb.

Jam, Jerusalem and Java - Lynn Bradshaw

Village life is not always as tranquil as it seems on the surface especially not when a coffee shop war begins.This is a cozy mystery set in a small English village not far from London.






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