Lynn Bradshaw

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I started to be interested in Photography in 1978 when I purchased a Praktika TL1000 manual single lens reflex camera. Since then I have owned many cameras and shot hundreds of rolls of film. I currently shoot with a Pentax SFXn SLR film camera (35 mm), a Canon IXUS AF film camera which takes APS film (35 mm), an unbranded single focus plastic camera (35 mm), various throw-away single use cameras, A Sony A300 digital SLR, a Fuji pocket camera and my LG Sprite phone with additional lenses. Click here for processing and camera details. I develop my own films and then scan them using a combination of Lomography SmartPhone Scanner and an old Epson flatbed scanner. I like to do my editing in Photoshop CS4.


Versailles, 2014

Patti Smith

Reading Patti Smith, 2016

Coffee and Cake in Tallinn

Coffee and cake in Tallinn, 2014

Blue Buiding in Warsaw

Blue Building, Warsaw, Poland, 2016

Caffenol Photo of Islington

A corner building in Islington, B & W with Caffenol Developing


Helsinki in Winter, 2011


Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia Pirita Convent RuinsTomb of the Unknown Soldier Tallinn        

  Tallinn, Estonia, 2014

Minsk, Autumn 2016. Cannon Ixus APS with outdated film

Entrance to concert Hall, Trinity Island, Minsk 2016

Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter, London 2017, outdate B&W film, Caffenol developing