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About Lynn Bradshaw

Lynn Bradshaw has worked in many jobs from selling men's clothing, making sandwiches in a railway station café, prepping food in a restaurant kitchen, teaching English as a Foreign Language, teaching computer arts, built a few websites and (currently) teaching English in a further education college.

On her life's journey she has also stood for a local council, become a very proficient photographer, done a fair bit of travelling and written a few novels.

Despite being totally besotted and beguilded by Scandi-fiction she mainly writes about Central and Eastern Europe. She became interested in the former Communist states as a teenager when she studied German at the Goethe Institut in Manchester. Somehow or other she ended up with a lot of materials about the former DDR (German Democratic Republic) and hatched a plan to travel East. This plan was scotched by the Embassy of the German Democratic Republic in London and she ended up cycling around Western Germany, which was not quite the same thing at all. In 1991 she got the change to teach Engish at a private language school in the Czech Republic.  She was in the country in the last days of Soviet rule and the creation of the fledgling post-Communist country. She still loves fried cheese and Czech dumplings.