Lynn Bradshaw

Words and Images

My photography journey began in 1978 when I purchased a Praktika TL1000 SLR camera and began taking photos of the Skelmersdale New Town in B & W. I then travelled around England, by bicycle and motorcyle capturing a changing world. I also used it when I moved to Taiwan, Spain and then the Czech Republic. It's last real outing was to New England in 2004.

I moved exclusively into digital cameras in 2004 when I bought a Nikon Coolpix. This served me well for many years. I later purchased a Sony A300 digital SLR which remains my main DSLR. With digital photography came an interest in digital art using Photoshop and Corel Painter. I used these programs along with new printing techniques using wax paper and artists transfer techniques. I dabbled in these for a long time and, in fact, still use Photoshop to create digital art and enhance scannned images.

I never lost my love of film cameras. When they became cheap as more people moved onto digital cameraas and using the cameras on their phones I started collecting them. Film was becoming difficult to find and even more difficult to develop so I gave up my collection. In 2015 instant cameras and film became popular again so I bought an old Fuji instant camera and had a great deal of fun with it. The price of the film was prohibitive so I moved back to 35mm film. This is where I am now comfortable. I have learnt how to develop b & w film using the caffenol process and a chemical fixer which has given me interesting results.

 I prefer to work with expired film as the results are both unpredictable and interesting and have been inspired by the lomography movement. I currently combine both analogue and digital photography using scanning techniques and Photoshop producing unique results.

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