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I currently have two books available to buy.

Jam Jerusalem and Java Jam, Jerusalem and Java The best thing about small villages is that everyone knows everyone, right. The second best thing about small villages is that there is usually a woman to lead everyone else and keep things interesting. The third best thing about small villages is that there is nowhere to hide. Maybe that last one is not such a positive. When the leading ladies of the village of Bishops Abbey get it into their heads that they need a mobile coffee van then all manner of badies are unleashed on the community.

Reviewed on Good Reads.

Paperback available from Blurb.
Stura Maja Stura Maja: The Shadow of Fear is the second literary novel I have published.
The story spans the decades between 1968 and 2014 when the KGB / Internal Security headquarters and  interrogation centre in Riga is opened to the public as a museum and memorial. It follows the fortunes of Tomass Aboltins and his daughter Kristina during a turbulent period in Latvia's history.

The decisions Tomass made in 1968 had repurcussions both for himself and his family. His wife subsequently made decisions which allowed her to maintain her social position but cast him aside. However, the decisions of both of them impacted on their only child, Kristina, whose life was lived in their shadow until she moved to America. The opening of the KGB HQ allowed Tomass and Kristina to build bridges and heal old wounds.

Ebook available on Amazon.

Work in progress: Weaver of Words