Lynn Bradshaw

writing, travelling and photographing

My favourite days are days when the sun is shining and beginning to take the cold edge of the early morning frost, the sky is blue and it is warm enough to go out in only a thick sweater. On days like these I like to hop on a bus or tram and travel wherever the mood takes me. Just me, a book and a camera. When something catches my eye, I alight and move about on foot.

On cold winter days I like to go out and photograph the snow covered buildings, the statues behatted with a white cap, semi-frozen rivers where the water flows under the ice and the nooks and crannies where the snow has settled.

I am a lover of urban spaces: Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Olso, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Minsk, Berlin and Helsinki. I live in London but I yearn for wider streets and fewer crowds. I yearn for the romance of ancient European cities. I yearn for strong coffee and the smell of vanilla cigarettes.

I write about the places, the people and the events which have touched me in some way. I am often asked why I choose to write about cities such as Riga and Warsaw as though I should stay closer to home in my writing. The truth is that I live in London but am not part of the city and have no affinity with it. Whereas, the grand old European cities speak to me and appeal to something in my soul.

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Topography of the novel